• Chris Warwick

What am I doing ??? - Sunday 3rd. Elevation 3450m

I Didn’t enjoy first night sleeping on the ground and the sleeping pad did not making much difference. The washing facilities are only a bowl of heated water and a long drop toilet.

What am I doing ???

My guide and I head out after breakfast 8:00 am already on the trail. The cook and porters loaded up heavy, about 20kg each, and follow behind. My day pack was looking decidedly light!!!

We have a 4 hr trek today to gain more altitude. There were good views of Kilimanjaro although the top was still in the clouds with plenty evidence of snow.

The porters come racing past us making climbing look easy, but Godfrey’s slower pace suits me perfectly. We arrived at the camp at 1:00 pm tents set, and lunch being cooked. We walked up and back to a cave off route after lunch just to keep getting used to altitude change.

The clouds obscured the mountain as we turn in at 7:00 pm. The thunder and lightning were Spectacular in the night, so glad I am in my tent. Although it seems very cold and we are wearing plenty clothes to keep warm, we are only at the half the altitude stage.

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