• Chris Warwick

Preparations well underway.

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Travel day to get the journey started is Friday so this has come upon me quickly.

You can see that unusually, packing for this trip in Africa, requires plenty warm clothes.

Going to be an exciting challenge but looking forward to it.

A little background on who is Chris Warwick, I'm a retired Civil Engineer originally from England but spent a large amount of my working life in Africa and The Caribbean. I am Always up for a challenge and Kilimanjaro has been one that has been around for a longtime.

I've got a team waiting to help me get to the top, Guide, Two Porters and a Cook, so I am anticipating not having to carry too much weight. Sure that you will have a chance to get to know them, like me, as we climb.

The rule is you go the pace of the slowest, so you can guess who that will be. Five days up to acclimatize and two days down !!

I'm hoping I can continue to blog as the journey goes if communications and batteries etc. allow. I should definitely have decent photos to share.

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