• Chris Warwick

It was like crossing a lunar desert. - Wednesday 6th Elevation 4700m

Wow it was cold last night. I think I’m beginning to wear more at night than during the day when I’m walking. The tarn that is right next to my tent was frozen over. The trek today is going across the saddle between Mawenzi peak and Kili itself. It is a very clear day, so all was laid out in front of us and we had a view of the mountain for the first time without much snow. It was like crossing a lunar desert all the time able to see your destination for today, Kibo Hut, which is the focal point of quite a few of the routes up to the summit.

You could see the route up and down to the summit quite clearly. First time there was some hut accommodations, but our party braved out the camping. The place was quite busy with a lot of Chinese and or Korean enthusiasts.

We did not gain much altitude today, but tomorrow is the day up to the summit 5895m. We rested up in the afternoon as the plan is to set out at midnight to get to the summit at sunrise 6:00am. Checking out my head torch batteries, very important.

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