• Chris Warwick

Heading up to base of Mawenzi today - Tuesday 5th. Elevation 4300m

Heading up to base of Mawenzi today, early rising gives us the best views. We’ve managed to get breakfast and started walking then the rains came. Checking out the wet weather gear but not heavy enough for the ponchos, we are almost falling as sleep at times.

We are climbing quite a bit of altitude gain today so the pace is adjusted to suit and fortunately the rain didn’t last too long, and the later part of the trek was more pleasant. All we hope for was “Keep the rain away”. The camp is at the tarn immediately below Mawenzi peak, very barren and looking decidedly wet but porters seem to have managed to find somewhere to set up the tents.

We seem to have set pace with other groups now so are generally at the same camps each night. We have exited the moorland vegetation zone and are now in the alpine zone, very much more barren volcanic plains.

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